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There are still over 30 Prime Day phone deals that are available for last-minute shoppers to take advantage of.

21 July 2024

The conclusion of this year’s Amazon Prime Day has arrived, but a delayed examination of the comprehensive A-to-Z catalog reveals numerous high-quality discounts on the latest smartphones that are still available for you to take advantage of. This includes the most recent Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which has been tested by ZDNET and is highly recommended as one of the top phones currently available on the market.

The best phone deals for Amazon Prime Day 2024 include the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for $926, providing a savings of $374. This phone has been identified as the best phone tested thus far, offering superior specifications in key categories such as display, performance, battery life, and camera. Additionally, it features a built-in S-Pen for precise inputs.

Another notable deal is the Motorola Razr+ 2024, available for $899, offering a savings of $100. Launched just a month ago, this flip phone contender from Motorola has seen significant refinements to its outer display, camera, and software features.

The OnePlus Open is available for $1,399, providing a savings of $300. Arguably the best foldable phone on the market, it comes with 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and 67W fast charging, surpassing any Samsung or Google competitor.

Lastly, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is available for $739, offering a savings of $260. While we have seen the flagship Pixel go on sale for cheaper, a $260 discount is still a significant opportunity. This phone offers a reliable camera system backed by consistent software improvements.

The 2023 Motorola Razr is also available for $399, providing a savings of $300. This makes it the most affordable foldable phone currently on the market, with the 2023 Motorola Razr reaching an all-time low price of $399.

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    Akshay Kumar uncovers there’s infighting inside Bollywood, realizes who spread bogus tales about his hard working attitude:

    12 July 2024

    Entertainer Akshay Kumar vented against entertainment world legislative issues, and said that specific individuals commend his disappointments. Akshay has made some unpleasant memories in the cinematic world as of late, with just two clean hits from more than 10 deliveries. He said that he knows precisely who began the tales around him being under-dedicated to his movies, as though that is the justification for why his movies have tumbled. He said that this has changed the discernment about him among people in general, and communicated his disdain at his kindred industry individuals abusing each other among themselves.

    Talking with Baradwaj Rangan on Galatta Additionally, Akshay said that he rigorously works eight-hour shifts since he trusts in committing the vital opportunity to recuperation and his own life. “I would rather not dive into the subtleties of who began this (off-base discernment), since it begins from some place. It begins from someone who could do without you. That is the way in which it begins, they pick a couple of things… Presently recall what they used to say before? They used to say, ‘Akshay’s movies don’t take long; he comes on time and leaves on time’. I used to complete 17 movies all at once, and they used to be delivered in no less than eight months; that is the means by which productive I was thought of… However presently, when movies don’t work, they say that I don’t commit sufficient opportunity.”

    Akshay said that he gives chiefs precisely what they request, and that he can’t force himself on them when he isn’t needed. The entertainer has had a series of failures lately, with the most recent being the large financial plan bomb Bade Miyan Chote Miyan. “Individuals love seeing when my movies don’t work. Individuals love seeing it, they’re blissful. I’ve seen it myself… ” Akshay said that he has confidence in difficult work and heavenly power, and finds industry governmental issues unpardonable. “Till today, in 33-34 years, I have never criticized anybody. I generally feel that you reserve no option to take anyone’s name and put the individual down.”

    He proceeded, “I might want to offer this guidance to individuals. Try not to put others down. I see it in legislative issues, I see it in my own industry. Ek legend dusre legend ko gaali deta hai, chief usko gaali deta hai, maker uss legend ko gaali deta hai (everyone is calling each other names). I simply neglect to comprehend the reason why all of you are manhandling one another. There is such a large amount energy that is simply going waste.”