Friend's Marriage

Sometimes i am good for you and sometimes i am bad.

 I am good or bad. Exactly, I don't know how I am. I think it depends on the situation how it leads me to be. Some people judge me so early. Sometimes I am being surprised with them how suddenly they decide that I am bad or good. I don't think it is the best idea to deal with people. Each person has their own way of living, we can't change them suddenly. I think we should give them some time to understand. I know it's hard to believe but it's the fact. I am very sad today. whom I believe more than self don't want to understand my feelings. how I can bear it. It's a very tough time for me to handle my feelings. I couldn't digest it how it happened to me what I even can't imagine it yet.

Ratuwamai jholunge pool

I started Vlogging

I woke up today and think to record it and started vlogging. how it is i really don't know but many days before this concept had come into my mind and finally i decided to do it. This is only a first part and i will upload another of it as well later.

Feeding pigeons at Home

Feelings & Desires Are Countless

 We humans have countless feelings and desires to express. Each and every person has their own feelings and desires which flooding inside their hearts. We usually think from the mind but always feel it from the hearts. Normally we start to feel it from the age of twelve to death. But the interesting fact about life is that when we are at twenty, we felt that before twenty we are immature and irresponsible. We evaluated ownself and planning for the future. Some are succeeded and some are failed. It depended on their hard labor how much hard they do. Most of the successors' stories had been made due to the twenty's good direction. Perfect Planning may lead you in a good direction. Our interests and hubbies are true friends. They help us a lot to be successful men in later days. So that always follow your interest and hubby. They don't make you bored doing anything you love to do. 

Am i Good or Bad?

 Realizing own self whether good or bad is matter of choice what you really want to feel. No One can be as perfect as think of. We all have some series of assumptions to be proven others that we really want to be and output of our behavior makes us sometimes good and sometimes bad. There aren't any concrete ideas to prove that what should be good and bad. Same thing sometimes becomes good and sometimes it becomes bad on the context of circumstances and from person to person  views. Same thing some may think good and some may think bad. It's natural. Main thing of Daily living life is to maintain our emotions and feelings in proper way. Sometimes it becomes tough for all to understand others . It doesn't mean we will unable or fail for life time. Give some times to grow up your mind and to be matured your feelings. Many questions may be arisen on you and about your behavior . Not you have to reply all of them. But realization is important to be better than today. You needn't any advice from so called advisers. You are the one to advice own self in better ways.

Mumbai Indians beat Delhi Capitals by 5 wickets.


Mumbai Indians won 5th IPL titles after beating Delhi Capitals by 5 wickets this season 2020.Mumbai Indians have broken their Odd number jinx perfectly.

Shane Watson Announced Retirement From All Formats Of Cricket.


After ending a Csk's IPL journey of this year 2020, The one of the best opener of Csk (Chennai Super Kings) Shane Watson Announced a retirement from cricket after reaching Home ,Austrelia. Watson Played 11 games for Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2020 and scoring 299 runs with the help of two half-centuries. Watson will not be available for Chennai Super Kings in Indian Premier League (IPL) in next Edition. He played his last Match against Kolkata Knight  Riders on October 29.

Here is a video of his retirement announcement for his fans.

Is it the right Time?

Is it the right time? i usually ask it to myself that question many times. if not, when it comes . The mystery haven't solved itself yet. I don't know exactly how much it take a time to settle my life. Sometimes I think it only happens to me or everybody thinks so .They may feel the same but they don't want to share .But I can't hide my Emotions and my feelings. I love to share among friends . I know none of my friends have a time to chat . they all are busy in their own life .So i  decided to make a blog and write my feelings on my blog. I know I am beginner and i make a lots of mistakes during writings. As far the time goes on , I will definitely improve my writings as well. That's the self belief force me to write something what i am thinking right now.