Is it the right Time?

Is it the right time? i usually ask it to myself that question many times. if not, when it comes . The mystery haven't solved itself yet. I don't know exactly how much it take a time to settle my life. Sometimes I think it only happens to me or everybody thinks so .They may feel the same but they don't want to share .But I can't hide my Emotions and my feelings. I love to share among friends . I know none of my friends have a time to chat . they all are busy in their own life .So i  decided to make a blog and write my feelings on my blog. I know I am beginner and i make a lots of mistakes during writings. As far the time goes on , I will definitely improve my writings as well. That's the self belief force me to write something what i am thinking right now.


My First Crush Was Just A Crush

Everyone realizes it once in their own life is that love.Each human being feels it many times and it happens to all. I have also felt it many times till the date today.One of the best memory is that my first crush ... wow.. such a strange feeling was that i can't explain it now. Perhaps, it is the best feeling of all times. Her smile and the way she used to talk... wow she used to increase my heart beat .I always dreamed of her . But time changed and everything had changed with time too. The present she is enjoying her married life and i am also enjoying the life after forgetting her.


Am I a Joke To You?

 My unemployment has become my identity now a days.Even my Best Friend don't notice me ,they start to compare me to others .I realized it many times they don't say anything to me but i understand their behaviors.I also want to do something i know it is not right time to say it.My Self Belief says i also do something what i am born to do.Let's see where my destination leads to do and i am eagerly waiting for that moment .Then i will satisfy with myself to say my friends that finally i became for what i am born to do.

Self Belief and Tough Times

 No time is ease to live in this world.If you want to live happier ,you have to give some self effort to win on bad circumstances.We all are facing the world's great disaster so called Covid 19 and it's really painful and unimaginable thing for human kind.Many of us are already mentally disturbed .We all are being helpless .And At this moment only the one thing helps us to survive normally is self belief .Let's Maintain it as far as Situation won't be normal.

Ms. Dhoni says Good Bye to International Cricket

One Of my All time Best Finisher ,True Game Changer, And True Entertainer Ms. Dhoni Said 'Good Bye to International Cricket . I will Miss him badly. i love his batting Style the way he batted in the tense situations.He entertained me many times firing long sixes. i really miss him . Love You Mahi ...You are my Childhood hero.

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2020 Special !

Chhat puja

Chhat Puja Celebration at Singhiya River , Biratnagar 2076

Chhat Puja At Singhiya River, Biratnagar

Chhat puja At Singhiya River , BIratnagar

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