How to start your own blog ? - It's very easy following few steps.

 Hi! It's me Anil. Today I want to share that how I created my blog without knowing to code. If you think it's hard to learn, you are wrong. It's so easy you only need some patience and interest to do that. It is said, "if you have a strong desire to do something that can be definitely achieved one day." So, Belief in yourself. you are the one who can achieve whatever you have an interest in.

        Let's start to learn how to create our own Blog like others websites.

Before starting to create a blog, you must have a Gmail Id so that you could have started a blog easily. If you don't have Gmail Id, create it first. Then log on or click here

After logging in it you will see this kind of outlook and click on CREATE YOUR BLOG option, follow the instruction, and fill the form as they instructed you. Put your blog name whatever you want to name it and also name the blog address as well. after fishing it, you have to choose a theme. you should go to the Theme option and you will get lots of themes are available there. Choose a theme that you want to apply to your blog and apply it. Finally come to the New Post option and write a post about something and post it. Congratulations! you have created your own Blog today and you became a blogger from today.

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