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Am i Good or Bad?

 Realizing own self whether good or bad is matter of choice what you really want to feel. No One can be as perfect as think of. We all have some series of assumptions to be proven others that we really want to be and output of our behavior makes us sometimes good and sometimes bad. There aren't any concrete ideas to prove that what should be good and bad. Same thing sometimes becomes good and sometimes it becomes bad on the context of circumstances and from person to person  views. Same thing some may think good and some may think bad. It's natural. Main thing of Daily living life is to maintain our emotions and feelings in proper way. Sometimes it becomes tough for all to understand others . It doesn't mean we will unable or fail for life time. Give some times to grow up your mind and to be matured your feelings. Many questions may be arisen on you and about your behavior . Not you have to reply all of them. But realization is important to be better than today. You needn't any advice from so called advisers. You are the one to advice own self in better ways.