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Social Life And Social Media

It is an era of 21th century and we all are involved in social media.Our most of the time goes on it without caring the value of time. No one is left by social media like Facebook ,Twitter, Youtube ,blogging etc. normally we use them usually and occasionally. Neither i oppose it nor i support it fully. My main concern is that the limitation of usages of social media may lead in good direction and it will also give a positive benefit after using it. Using our free time and hanging with social media may not differ too much but when in our busy schedule although we use our a lot of time on it may differ our work and it decreases our interest on work too. Most disadvantages of it affect the child's mind. we all know that child mind is  sensitive and they learn  things do without knowing right or wrong . They just want to experience of the things whatever they see ,watch and listen on social media and it is a big challenge for today generation to handle the child to make them out of it. Except it , many other reason also affect our daily life too. Many Legal and illegal things are happening with the help of Social media. People starts to cheat and tell a lie,deception,fraud, many more things are happening these days by using it.Mothers do not care their children properly because they are busy on social media. Some extra affair incidents are also heard and many families are affected by it.Teenagers are busy on love affair and they are destroying their own career involving their important time on social media.They don't care it and they don't value the time while they use their most of the time on it.
 Mentioning above all the things , it doesn't mean social media is totally wrong and it harms all badly. it simply mean the usages of it and its importance of our life should be limited.we use it when we are free and also if we have some boring time to spend. Not to use more and more time on it that will not help to lead you on good directions, it will lead you on wrong direction............!